Change Happens When We Find Balance


Creating balance in life is essential to allow healing to truly begin. A common misperception of what balance should look like is all areas of your life functioning at equal capacities all at once. What creating a healthy balance really looks like is picking a few areas of your life that are the most important and meaningful in your life at the time and creating a healthy balance between them. It’s unrealistic to try doing everything all at once as this way of thinking and behaving is not sustainable. Focusing on improving a few aspects of life at a time is more realistic and sustainable way for us to get to where we want to be in life.

Between the demands of my stressful job, keeping a social life, a workout schedule, household duties, errands and dating, I remember the dread I would feel each morning when the alarm would go off, forcing me to participate in yet another day of what felt like torture. Most mornings, I felt like I couldn’t go on any longer yet considering the bills I had to pay, I realized I had no choice but to continue. Some days as I would drive to work, I would imagine how much of a relief it would be to fall ill so that I could finally take a break from work and my life’s responsibilities. I had fallen into bad debt and was working at a job that kept me living from pay-check to pay-check. It robbed me of my time, my enthusiasm, my health, my worth. I found myself making the choice to stay in a career that went against my personal values and ethics. I was trapped but I was also comfortable with the routine that was throwing my life completely out of balance and that didn’t allow me to focus on “me”. As the economy started to take a nose dive, I eventually got laid off from my position as a manager that was creating so much overwhelm in my life. As I was finally relieved of the responsibilities that completely overwhelmed me for years, I found myself with the freedom to finally create a healthier balance in my life. I also realized that this was finally the kick in the butt I needed to get out of my comfort zone and start that consulting business I had been thinking about for the past two years.

It’s all about breaking out of our comfort zones that gives us a chance to discover who we are and what we are actually capable of. In doing that, we also discover our true passions and purposes in life. Making this discovery and transition in life is not easy, especially if you are faced with going through it alone. Having a coach who understands the grind, the struggles of daily life and overwhelm to guide you step by step along your journey to personal discovery and a better life balance is truly a game changer.

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