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Are you feeling stuck or trapped in life, unhappy and with a nagging urge to change your life but you just aren’t sure how or where to start? I get it because I was there at one point in my life too. Going through important life changes alone can make thing even worse, especially if you don’t have a mentor or someone that you can really trust to help you along the way. Perhaps you once had a plan,  but woke up one day and realized that you somehow ended up off track. Maybe you DO know where you’d like to go but have no idea how to get there.  That’s where I come in. I provide one on one, online coaching sessions to people who are committed to changing their lives.

The truth is that we all go through times in life where we feel lost, out of balance and out of touch with ourselves or our loved ones. Sometimes we forget who we really are and why we started on our journeys in the first place. What it really takes for us to get back on track is to talk with someone who’s been there and who really “gets” it; someone who can guide you to where you want to be.

My specialty is in helping women to identify and challenge any limiting beliefs they’re holding onto that are blocking them from achieving their goals. I take a holistic approach to coaching as we work towards raising your level of vibration in our sessions.

Let me help you get back on track, to understand yourself better, find balance, discover your purpose and the missing pieces in your life with my affordable coaching packages and sessions (consultation required).

Through our online sessions, I will work with you one on one, personally, to help you rediscover YOU so that you can start living your best life.

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Colleen Smith,

Professional Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healer

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