I’m Colleen; a professional psychic medium, intuitive reader, energy healer and spiritual author. I specialize in the Akashic Records, Dowsing and Trance Mediumship (spiritual channeling of information). Schedule a session or a reading with me today.

Channeled Message Readings (Trance Mediumship)

As a trance medium, I work with the high vibrational energy of Spirit to channel messages, guidance and energy healing to you from the guides. This type of channelled message reading is great for when you have questions about your life and journey. Energy healing from Spirit is oftentimes incorporated naturally into the reading if the client is open to receiving it during a session. This session is offered via Zoom video. Click here to learn more about what trance mediumship is prior to booking.

Spiritual Life Coaching for Women

I work with spiritually minded women who are undergoing an awakening or intuitive development journey. Meet via Zoom video for a 15 minute consultation to learn how I can help guide you on your spiritual or awakening journey in life. Or, check out the About Me and FAQ page to learn more.

Energy Maintenance and Clearing

As an energy healer, I work with women who have spiritual practices to maintain their energetic hygiene through specialized energy clearing sessions. Contact me to learn more or book an appointment.

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Remote Psychic Intuitive Readings

Colleen also offers many distance readings that do not require face to face meetings such as:

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What people are saying

“Absolutely phenomenal! I can’t tell you how many times I was saying aloud, ‘Oh my gosh! No way!’ as I enjoyed my reading. It was so spot on, touching, and helpful. You are very gifted and I am grateful for you sharing your gift. Thank you, and blessings to you.”

– Alison

Words are failing me a little bit- this reading was so deeply insightful and soul-level helpful! I encourage anyone looking for or thinking about getting a reading- get one from Colleen! She is incredibly gifted ! I will absolutely be back and recommend her to others! Deep gratitude to Colleen for all her work and sharing her gift!


“Truly amazing!!!! I got chills all over and couldn’t believe how accurate it is. It really helps me to explain why things happened the way it have been in my life. Colleen is so sweet , i am really grateful i had come across this, couldn’t recommend it enough!”

– Phuong

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