I’m Colleen – a trained, professional psychic medium, intuitive reader and energy healer who also offers spiritual life coaching. Since 2019, I’ve utilized my intuitive gifts to help others discover and understand their purposes and missions in life. I also assist my clients with identifying and dissolving any life blocks by helping them to change any limiting beliefs they may have which could be holding them back. Through this process, clients find a greater amount of freedom, purpose and direction in their lives as their energetic vibrations lift to a higher level.

Spiritual Life Coaching for Women

Meet with Colleen via Zoom video to receive help or intuitive guidance in your life. Sessions are focused on taking a holistic approach towards helping you improve your life and spiritual well being. Coaching sessions are designed to provide you with intuitive, practical, guidance and suggestions that you can apply to your life to empower, motivate and lift your vibration. Book a session or a 15 minute consultation to get started on your journey with me.

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Channeled Message Readings (Trance Mediumship)

As a trance medium, Colleen works with the high vibrational energy of Spirit to channel messages, guidance and energy healing to you from the guides. This type of channelled message reading is great for when you have questions about your life and journey. Energy healing from Spirit is oftentimes incorporated naturally into the reading if the client is open to receiving it during a session. This session is offered via Zoom video.

This is a unique style of reading that is respectfully not for everyone and is recommended only for those who are familiar with trance mediumship/channeling and who have an open mind. Click here to learn more about what trance mediumship is prior to booking.

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Remote Psychic Intuitive Readings

Colleen also offers many distance readings that do not require face to face meetings such as:

  • Akashic Record Soul Profile
  • Energy Healing
  • Home Energy Clearings and Blessings
  • Written Channeled Messages
  • Starseed Origin

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To learn more about Colleen, click here. Or, take your time to browse around the site and to view the many spiritual blog posts available.

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