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Many of us don’t realize how proper sleep management can make or break our journeys to success in life. Through my own experiences with chronic insomnia, sleepless nights and anxiety, I realized how the quality and quantity of my sleep was directly impacting almost all other areas of my life. A poor night’s sleep created a ripple effect in my life as it negatively impacted my mental and physical health, my relationships, my mood, my outlook in life and work performance. My sleepless nights fed my anxieties which in turn, kept me in a vicious cycle of never getting ahead, never changing and living with a very negative outlook in my life which in turn was keeping me up at night. Years of insomnia spells prevented me from having the mental and physical capacity to really make and commit to the changes I knew I needed to make in my life. As I struggled to fall asleep most nights, frustrated, I thought at times that I would never be able to sleep again.

I desperately tried pretty much everything over the years to try and cure my insomnia and sleeplessness but nothing was effective enough to give me long term, positive results in the quality and quantity of my sleep. As I took steps to heal the areas of my life that were impacting my sleep through sleep courses, group therapy, coaching and psychology, I started to understand that it wasn’t so much the stress I was experiencing in my day to day life but that it was my thoughts and anxieties about sleep which were ultimately keeping me awake at night. It wasn’t until I was finally introduced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques that things started to change for me in my life. CBT focuses on identifying and changing any behavioural patterns, habits or ways of thinking that are negatively impacting an area of a person’s life and coming up with strategies and solutions to change those thoughts and behaviours to improve that area of life. In my case, it was changing my thoughts and behaviours towards sleep. As I implemented these simple CBT techniques over time, my sleep finally started to improve and I found myself being able to  get a good night’s sleep again.

It’s my belief that our thoughts and behaviours with sleep are a direct impact on the quality and quantity of sleep we will ultimately have each night. Improving our sleep also helps with managing anxiety, reducing stress and improves cognitive function which then in turn allows us to have more mental space to start living up to our full potentials in life. Managing sleep and anxiety is an essential part of what it means to be constantly creating and living your best life.

Sometimes it helps to have a little help along the way as we navigate through changes in life. A coach who has experience in the area of life that you want to improve can be a total game changer in helping you get the results you desire. If you’re someone who’s been struggling to sleep at night, my Sleep Improvement and Anxiety Management Coaching Program may be the perfect fit for you.

If you’re interested in working with me to help improve your sleep and manage anxiety, click here to book a complimentary 20 minute consultation with me.

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