Why lightworkers feel tired after a full night of sleep.

Have you ever woken up after a deep sleep feeling absolutely exhausted with no explanation as to why? If you identify as a lightworker, a healer or spiritualist, read on to understand why you might be feeling tired even after having a full night’s rest.

At night when you sleep, your consciousness has the opportunity to move into your astral body. While this may not happen every night, when it does happen, you can wake up feeling completely wiped out. Spiritualists, healers and lightworkers of the world may notice this happening more than others.

When your consciousness travels to the astral body during sleep, you oftentimes don’t remember anything when you wake up. Being in the astral realm is different than being in the dream state. It may be difficult to recall what happened and who you connected with during your nightly astral travels as your consciousness shifts. It’s mainly in this altered state that we will connect with your spirit guides, spirit team, higher-self, angels and even loved ones who have passed over.

The specific reasons why this occurs varies for each individual but I’ll try to explain it in the way that I understand it to happen. This experience has been happening to me for several years and I find that it tends to occur more often when there are big world events taking place or certain energetic shifts that are intended to help raise the consciousness of the world. I’ll usually have no recollection of where my consciousness went during the night, but it feels as though I was doing something important that took up a lot of my energy.

While in the astral body, you are essentially moving around in spirit form and beyond the constraints of time and space that you experience when awake in the 3rd dimension. It’s in the astral realm where you can become more available to assist your spirit friends with different things that you would otherwise be limited to in the material, physical world.

When you wake up after a deep sleep feeling absolutely exhausted and as though you’ve been working hard all night, it’s likely the case that you have actually been working all night in the astral body and just can’t remember. Our spirit friends will work with those of us who are here on special missions, who carry a certain energetic blueprint and who are able to assist with the energy work that needs to be done on earth at this time.

Essentially, when you wake up feeling so tired, it can be because you’ve been helping spirit out with the things they need to do on earth. Even though you’re experiencing life in the physical and they may not be, you’re all still working together as a team and so, they’ll come get you from time to time while you sleep so you can help them out in the spirit world. I think that’s pretty exciting.

If this happens to you consecutive nights in a row, ask your spirit team to help ease the transition between dimensions for you so that you feel more rested even though you’ve been ‘working’ with them all night. You can do this before you go to sleep at night. Let them know that you’re happy to help but that it’s causing you to feel physically drained and exhausted when you wake up. Make a deal with them by offering to help when needed but only if they agree to restore your energy levels back to normal so that you wake up feeling refreshed.

It goes without saying that this isn’t always the case as to why you feel tired after sleeping. You should always do a proper physical and/or mental health check to rule out any other factors that may be affecting your sleep.

I hope this helps to explain it. If you need answers now or want some clarity on your journey, book a 1:1 reading with me.

Happy travelling, lightworkers!


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