How to know when you’re going through a spiritual awakening.

spiritual awakening

A Guide to Recognizing Your Spiritual Awakening

Have you ever felt like life handed you a mysterious invitation to a party you didn’t know existed? If you’ve been experiencing a profound shift in your perspectives, emotions, and overall existence, you might just be on the cosmic guest list for a spiritual awakening. It’s like the universe tapped you on the shoulder and said, “Hey, fancy a dance with your soul?” So, how do you know if you’re in the midst of a spiritual awakening? Let’s explore the celestial breadcrumbs that might be leading you to a deeper understanding of your own existence.

Signs You’re Riding the Cosmic Wave

Questioning the Status Quo:
If you find yourself staring at the ceiling late at night, contemplating the meaning of life, the universe, and everything in between, you might be on the brink of a spiritual awakening. Suddenly, the mundane becomes extraordinary, and you start questioning societal norms, seeking a deeper connection to your purpose.

You may also start to feel as though the way you’ve been conditioned to live your life no longer makes sense or fits the person that you envision yourself becoming. Questioning who you are, the way you’re living your life and what’s important to you may start to occur more often to the point where you can’t stand the idea of continuing to do the same things.

The things you usually, or used to, love doing no longer interest you. This can include the people you spend time with. The usual people, places and things in your life may suddenly feel out of place in your life.

Heightened Awareness:
Have you noticed the rustle of leaves, the dance of sunlight, or the symphony of bird songs with newfound appreciation? A spiritual awakening often brings a heightened awareness of the world around you. It’s like upgrading from black and white to Technicolor, and suddenly, you’re seeing beauty in the smallest details.

This can include a feeling as though your intuitive senses are coming online. You’re noticing your sensitivities more and more each day. Sometimes, sensitivities can feel like a burden or an inconvenience until you learn how to integrate them into your new sense of Self and awareness of life.

Embracing Change:
Spiritual awakenings are notorious for shaking up your life like a snow globe. If you find yourself reevaluating relationships, career paths, and personal habits, congratulations! You’re likely surfing the waves of change that accompany a spiritual awakening. Embrace the shifts and trust the process; your spirit knows where it’s heading.

Change can be difficult especially if you’re uncertain where change is leading you. When it’s time to level up through an awakening phase, your life may drastically shift so that you can start to experience life on a new vibrational level.

Endings and beginnings: Don’t distress so much when things come to an end in life. It just means that you’re being redirected to something better that suits you vibrationally. There are certain people or habits that may not be able to come with you into the new vibration you’re headed towards and that’s ok. Understand that those things served their purpose for you in life, and vice versa.

Deep Connection with Others:
During a spiritual awakening, you might experience a sense of unity with others that goes beyond superficial connections. You start to recognize the divine in everyone and everything. Acts of kindness become more profound, and you find joy in creating positive ripples in the collective energy of the universe.

You may have a desire to become more of service to others, particularly those in need due to a heightened sense of empathy or compassion. This can also be when you meet your twin flame person or more profound soul-mate connection in life.

Intuitive Insights:
Ever had a gut feeling that turned out to be spot-on? Spiritual awakenings often come with an increased sense of intuition. Trust your inner compass; it’s like having a cosmic GPS guiding you towards your true north. Pay attention to those whispers from the universe; they might just be the breadcrumbs leading you home.

Sometimes, the intuition comes online suddenly which can be frightening for many. Finding a class or circle for beginner intuitives can help you to learn how to attune to these changes in a way that works for you. Working with a spiritual coach or a teacher is also a great way to get one on one assistance with intuitive development.

Learn how you can develop your intuition in my article here.

Emotional Rollercoaster:
One of the telltale signs of a spiritual awakening is the emotional rollercoaster. You might find yourself swinging from blissful highs to tearful lows. It’s like your heart is opening up to the vast array of human experiences, allowing you to navigate the full spectrum of emotions with newfound grace.

Sometimes an awakening can lead to an emotional breakdown or death of the ego. While this can be a painful process, know that it’s only temporary and soon enough, you’ll feel better again. Reach out for support if and when you need it. You’re not alone in this journey and everything is working out to help you reach your highest potential in life.

Remember, a spiritual awakening is a deeply personal journey, and there’s no one-size-fits-all guidebook. If you resonate with these signs, congratulations on stepping into the cosmic dance of self-discovery. Embrace the mystery, enjoy the ride, and know that you’re not alone in this celestial adventure. The universe is your dance partner, and the music of your soul is waiting for you to hit the dance floor. Happy awakening!


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