About Me


My name is Colleen and I use my intuitive gifts to help people enhance their lives by bringing them closer to Spirit through my readings and energy healing. Specializing in trance mediumship, dowsing, the Akashic Records and energy healing, my gifts allow me to channel helpful, loving messages and healing energy from Spirit to those who seek to help themselves.

Spiritual Readings: Trance Mediumship (Channeling), Psychic-Intuitive, Akashic Records, Past Lives 

As a trance medium, I work with the high vibrational energy of Spirit to channel messages, guidance and energy healing to you in each of my readings. If you’re not sure what type of reading is right for you, get in touch with me to learn more. 

Spiritual Life Coaching for Women

Through spiritual life coaching, my goal is to help spiritually minded women who are undergoing an awakening or intuitive development journey. Different than a psychic reading, this is a great fit for those who truly want to improve their personal lives. I’ll providing non-judgemental, clear guidance to help you on your journey towards awakening, spiritual and intuitive development. Schedule a session now or check out the FAQ page to learn more.

Energy Maintenance and Clearing

As an energy healer, I work with women to maintain their energetic hygiene through specialized energy clearing sessions. This service is great for those who have spiritual based businesses and those who may need a specialized, low vibrational energy clearing. A consultation is required for this type of session. Contact me to learn more or book an appointment.

Spiritual Books

As an author, I’ve published several spiritual books including How to Program and Work With Your Pendulum, Sleep Solutions for Anxious, Sensitive or Intuitive People and the Whispers from Within Oracle Cards in addition to the multitude of articles published on my blog.

Metaphysical Shop

I am also the owner of Moonstone Salts & Spiritual, a wellness brand that promotes spirituality and healing. My gifts also allow me to conduct many of my readings and healing sessions remotely with the same amount of accuracy as being in person or over video. Visit my metaphysical shop here to shop distance intuitive readings, crystals, divination tools, spiritual eBooks and more.

How to Work With Me

My readings are offered via Zoom video and in person at Calgary, Alberta. 

Connect with me on Instagram and TikTok @moonstonesalts.