Frequently Asked Questions


What does a typical coaching session look like?

By focusing on a specific goal or area of life you want to improve, we will start to break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. Some sessions may be more challenging than others depending on where you are at on your healing and life journey. It’s important to remember that each coaching session is different and is tailored to suit the client’s needs. Sessions are held online via Zoom video.

How long is a session? How many sessions do I need?

Sessions are booked in one-hour increments. The number of sessions each client needs to see improvements in their life will be different for everyone.

Is coaching the same as talk therapy or counselling?

Coaching, at times, may feel similar to talk therapy and counselling; however, your coaching sessions will be focused on providing you the guidance and support you need to set and achieve specific goals. Coaching tends to be more focused than traditional talk therapy or counselling as there is a higher level of accountability involved, tasks to complete and challenges to overcome. The ideal coaching client is one who truly wants to create real changes in their life and who is willing to commit the time and effort to make it happen.

What can I gain from coaching sessions and intuitive readings?

  • Life balance
  • More positivity and a higher vibration
  • More self confidence
  • Self-discovery
  • Problem solving skills
  • Life path and purpose discovery
  • Intuitive development and insight
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability

How do I know if we will be a good fit to work together?

Learn more about me and my journey here.

What if I want help but I can’t afford to hire a spiritual coach?

What if I told you that a small investment into your personal wellbeing can turn your whole life around, have you making more money, attracting better people, partners and situations into your life? If you’re trying to improve your life or meet a goal, receiving coaching to help you get on the right track is a small price to pay in order to see results sooner than later.

Those who truly want to change and invest in themselves find a way to make it happen. Sometimes this means sacrificing expensive daily coffees, curbing online spending habits or reeling in spending on entertainment. In short, you can’t put a price on the level of fulfilment you can achieve in life.