Body Healing Through Mindfulness


Did you know that our thoughts and our minds are directly connected to the way our bodies feel? Feelings of stress, anger, guilt and depression over long periods of time can be the underlying culprit of disease, pain and discomfort in the body. When we feel good and are living our truth, we feel better. Pain and imbalances in the body expresses themselves in many different ways, so if you have sudden hip pain and you didn’t do anything specifically to injure your hip, it could be your body telling you that there is something wrong with your thoughts which you need to fix. Hip pain is thought to be associated to money stress so the pain is indicating that you need to check in with those emotions and make some changes. Body pain and imbalances could also be indicating a block in your life or some healing from a past event that needs to occur. If you are someone who rarely suffers from acne, you could find yourself with a random pimple that pops up in an unusual place, such as the middle of your forehead indicating that your third eye chakra is blocked and needs to be cleared. Usually whenever a person identifies and addresses these inner issues and works towards healing them, the body pain that was connected to the negative emotions they were feeling magically disappears and balance begins to restore itself in the body. This isn’t to say that you should not seek medical advice or care if you are sick or in pain. In fact, mindfulness could be the push you need to get the healing help that your body needs in addition to understanding how your thoughts are playing a role in your illnesses or pain. If you’re having an emergency medical issue, call 911 right away to get help.

Discovering the Root of Pain or Discomfort

Energy is always flowing through us whether we realize it or not and our thoughts play a big role in directing that energy. Being able to identify what the root cause of the body’s discomforts can lead to healing. If you’re experiencing pain in your body and you can’t figure out why, try doing a body scan during meditation. This can be a really helpful way to better understand what is ailing your body so that you can take the steps to fix it. During the body scan, ask the part or parts of your body that are hurting you or feeling imbalanced what’s wrong. When you’re listening for the answer, listen without judgment and write down the messages that you receive so you can research their meanings later. Once you get clear on the emotional issue that needs to be resolved that the pain is indicating to you, you can work towards healing it.

The messages you get during your discovery meditation may not make sense at the moment, so keep an open mind. You may see, hear or feel additional information and the type of action to take during your body scan. Trust that the information you receive is accurate and true.  If you’re having a hard time tapping in, ask your angels or your guides for assistance. If you’re new to meditation, it may take a couple of tries to get to the root of the problem so don’t get discouraged if you aren’t receiving any information right away. If you are having difficulties in meditation, you may want to consider seeking out a Reiki session with an experienced and reputable practitioner who is trained to identify energy imbalances in the body.   By using meditation as a guide and a tool that you can use to understand how your thoughts are connected to your body, you have the potential to heal your body. Check out my video below for more detail on how to connect with you mind and body.

Again, this is not medical advice and you should always see your Doctor if you are having medical issues.

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