What is Trance Mediumship?

‘Trance’ is another way to describe an altered state of consciousness. As there are different levels of altered states consciousness that occur, many people move in and out of trance frequently without even knowing it! Have you ever walked into a room and can’t remember how you go there or why you walked there in the first place? This is a form of trance (altered state of consciousness) that has naturally occured.

Trance mediumship (also known as channeling) is when an individual intentionally moves into an altered state of consciousness in order to connect more closely with the energy of Spirit. The intention of this type of mediumship is to allow the energy of Spirit to move through the body of the medium in order to provide loving messages, guidance or healing to the recipient. This method allows Spirit to express themselves more authentically through the medium to whomever is receiving the reading or channelling.

A few more well-known trance mediums and channelers are people such as Paul Selig, Esther Hicks (Abraham-Hicks), Bashar and Barbara Marciniak.

Trance Mediumship is Different Than ‘Regular’ Mediumship

Trance mediumship is different than the regular type of mediumship that many are familiar with. In regular mediumship, the medium will usually connect with your loved ones who have passed on in order to give a reading. The medium acts like a telephone (or a middleman) to pass the departed loved ones messages to the client on their behalf. In trance mediumship, the medium is allowing Spirit to speak through them to the client directly. When Spirit works through the medium in trance, oftentimes, the medium’s voice and facial expressions will slightly change. This is a normal part and process of the trance channelling phenomenon. As these changes in the medium can be uncomfortable for certain individuals to experience, this type of reading is respectfully not for everyone. An open mind is recommended while understanding that the reading is being done with the intention of serving the love and light of God-Source.

What to Expect in a Reading With Me

In my readings, I connect with the energies of high vibrational sources and allows them to speak through me to deliver their messages to you. The energies that I work with are oftentimes guides or other high-vibrational, loving entities. Rarely will I channel or connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. This is not that type of reading. There are several high vibrational beings that channel through me, each with a unique personality and therefore, my voice and facial expressions will oftentimes change throughout the reading. Connecting with these beings is done through an agreement and therefore, I remain in control, even when I am in an altered state of consciousness. See my Readings Ethics below for more information.

What’s Required of You?

  • Create and maintain a quiet environment for the duration of the reading. As a high level of concentration is required for this type of reading, clients are expected to handle all distractions and potential noise ahead of time to ensure there are no disruptions. This includes turning off the sound of your phone or other devices, managing the care of children and pets accordingly – especially those pets who tend to be more vocal. Noise disruptions can break the trance and end the reading prematurely.
  • Do not join the call from your phone, your car or a public place. Clients are also required to join the video call via a laptop, tablet or desktop connection only. Trance readings will not be done through cell phone connections. If you are joining with a tablet, ensure the connection is strong. Please do not call in from your car or a public place.
  • Have an intention or a topic in mind for the reading. You’re encouraged to interact with Spirit throughout the reading and so, you may wish to set an intention, have a topic of interest and perhaps some questions prepared beforehand that you can ask during the reading. This will help to give the reading more flow and direction.
  • Arrive with and maintain an open mind.
  • Refrain from unauthorized recording. A copy of the voice recording will be available to you after the reading and is intended for personal use only. Taking unauthorized recordings of the session or distributing the voice recording without permission is prohibited.

What Trance Mediumship Is:

  • An agreement between the medium and with high vibrational energies/beings to allow them to work through the medium.
  • Channeling the messages of Spirit through the medium directly to the recipient (allowing them to speak through the medium directly).
  • A way to connect more closely with Spirit.

What Trance Mediumship is Not:

  • Possession or other type of uncontrollable act.
  • An act of evil.
  • Doing things without your permission.
  • A way to manipulate another person.

My Reading Ethics

  • I only channel and connect with high-vibrational beings who are serving the love and light of Source. I do not channel or connect with energies or beings that are of a low-vibration.
  • We will not entertain all questions, especially those that are considered low-quality (questions trying to manipulate, expose or take advantage of the reader, or questions that are not well thought out).
  • We will provide you with guidance and suggestions that are intended to help you in your own life.
  • We will not answer personal questions about others.
  • We will not provide diagnoses or other instructions for matters that require professional council.
  • We will not work with those who are intending to cause harm to others or who have other negative intentions.
  • We will not entertain any questions, topics or actions that are out of alignment with the medium’s ethics or integrity.

If this type of reading suits you, schedule a channeled message reading with Colleen via Zoom video. 

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