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How Your Own Energy Impacts the Energy of Your Home

One of the things I’ve been called in to help people with in my spiritual journey is clearing and healing the energy of their homes remotely. I’m a psychic medium and I’ve been helping people to heal their energy fields for several years now. When someone approaches me for a house clearing and healing, I usually know right away if the problem is the home itself or the client. Many times, it’s the client who has the low vibration and not the house; however, they think it’s the house because of the way they feel while at home and perhaps the experiences they’re having there due to their own low vibration. Other times, a person may be undergoing a type of spiritual awakening and through that process, they’re discovering their own sensitivities which is causing them to think their house is haunted. It’s easy to jump to conclusions about the spaces we occupy when things that we don’t understand occur there.

When my own spiritual awakening started occurring in 2011, I would experience a multitude of “interesting” beings while in a meditative state. Because I didn’t understand what was occurring, I started to become very afraid of what I was experiencing and avoided meditation for a long time. I was especially too afraid to meditate in my own home. Looking back, I realized the problem wasn’t my home but it was my own limited thoughts and ideas about what these experiences meant and where I was experiencing them. It took me years to get over my fear of meditating at home as I eventually discovered that my path is to work with these “interesting” beings and connecting with them in meditation is something I now look forward to. As I began to have a more well-rounded understanding of the different types of energies that exist, I realized it’s not so scary after all.

Several years ago, a long time friend of mine who was studying Reiki offered to come over to do a practice session with me. At one point during the session, I became uncomfortable and felt as though something was ‘off’. It wasn’t until after we had finished the session that we both admitted that we had felt the same type of ‘off’ energy in the room. This really freaked us both out as neither one of us really understood energy or the different types that exist. It’s generally believed that ‘bad’ energy is something to be afraid of and that there’s no way to control or handle it. And so, as a result, the room we did the healing in became more ‘off limits’ for a while as I was afraid to spend much time in it. I thought that something ‘bad’ lived in that room and that there was no way to stop it so, I avoided it. However, as I look back, I realize it wasn’t the room itself that had the energy problem, it was me.

I was going through one of the worst rough patches of my life. For what felt like a really long time, my life was falling apart and I was an emotional wreck because of it. My own vibration was so incredibly low that I was attracting all sorts of unwanted energies which likely included low-vibe spirits and entities. When a person’s vibration is so low for so long, they start to attract other low-vibe people into their lives and with that oftentimes comes bad experiences. My vibration was low for a long time and eventually, all the bad stuff that kept happening was the new normal for me. When someone has a low vibration, it’s likely that their home – or the space they occupy in a home – is also going to have a low vibration.

When you carry a low vibration for a long time, you’re more susceptible to attracting unwanted, low-vibe spirits and other energies that create problems in your life, relationships, work and at home. There are things that can happen at home that indicate your own vibration is low and therefore, affecting the energy of your home. Some examples are dishes breaking, sudden appliance breakdowns and major or minor home repairs needed, electronics failures, a sudden rodent or pest infestation, etc. While it’s not unusual for any one of these things to happen as one-offs over the course of time, it’s when these sorts of things start to happen all at once that can indicate something is ‘off’, energy wise.

A friend of mine recently complained that several things started to go wrong in her home over the course of just a few weeks. When we checked out her own vibration, we discovered that it was pretty low and that there was some energy hanging around her that didn’t belong. After a clearing of herself and her home, things went back to normal. She was also instructed to clean certain areas of her home in order to help maintain a high level of vibration in the home. It’s pretty hard to stay feeling bad when you’re in a place that feels so good. After all, your home should be a place of peace and sanctuary.

Recently, I worked with a couple who felt as though there was something wrong with the energy of their home. During my own energy investigation, I discovered that the problem was largely their own personal energy levels. As they were each holding such low vibrational levels, they were bringing other energies such as low-vibe spirits into their home. To them, it felt like they were dragging each other down.

Frequent arguing, disagreements, fighting or abuse in a home also causes a low-vibe energy output and is oftentimes responsible for the accumulation of negative energy debris. It’s quite easy to fall victim to the vicious cycle of feeling bad, fighting and then feeling bad again. It’s this type of energy output which can sometimes turn into an entity if left for too long. Entities are uncommon as they’re usually quite complex in their formation and how they end up manifesting into problems in the home and on a personal level. Clearing and healing the energy of the home is only the beginning as action steps are always recommended by the guides in order to keep the space clear and to maintain a higher vibration. Cleaning the home by removing excess clutter and deep cleaning of certain spaces is almost always recommended as a starting point. Sometimes people need more help on a personal level which is why I offer one on one coaching to women who want to raise their vibrations in order to improve their quality of life.

There are other times when spirits are present in the home – and I’ll start off by saying that this is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, it turns out that a spirit who is connected with the home needs some help in getting out and perhaps they’ve been causing some problems for the living who currently occupy that space. In the home clearings I do, many people request that all of the energy in the home be removed and cleared. Although I think it’s helpful – and sometimes necessary – to usher out those in spirit who are creating problems for the living, I don’t agree that clearing out all of the energy and spirits in the home is the best path forward. One of my teachers and mentors always says that she wouldn’t want to live in a home that has no energy in it at all, and I agree with her. Why would you want to live in a home that your late beloved grandmother or other relative wouldn’t want to be in? It’s oftentimes the spirits of passed over loved ones that people mistake for hauntings in their homes. The widely misunderstood reality is that there is so much love that surrounds people in spirit through their ancestors and other beloved friends and family who’ve crossed over. As they want to remain close to us in spirit, they will sometimes frequent our homes, but in a good way, and will sometimes do things to get our attention. Their presence doesn’t always mean that they did not reach the light upon crossing and that they are stuck in your home. However, if there’s recurring phenomenon in your home that feels negative, draining or if you’re getting a weird, creepy vibe, it’s best to have a professional medium check it out for you.

You might be wondering how I’m able to successfully clear energy remotely. The way my own guides have explained this to me is that the clearing happens on a quantum level. That through intention and a mental connection with the person or place we are working on that energy healing is possible on their behalf. It’s the guides who are essentially conducting the clearing with me and for the client and there always has to be an agreement in place between us for this work to be done.

Based on a multitude of positive testimonials from those I’ve helped, I’ve found my remote readings and energy healings to be both effective and accurate. If a remote home clearing or personal energy clearing is something you’d like to try, visit the shop to learn more. For severe cases of hauntings or other paranormal phenomenon, I always recommend that you hire a reputable, experienced psychic medium to physically come to your home in order to conduct a thorough investigation and clearing in person.

I hope this helps!


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