Post vacay blues: Reasons why you might feel depressed after a vacation

If you’re reading this, I bet you just got home from a vacation and you’re feeling bummed out about getting back into your normal routine. Upon returning from my own vacation recently, I realized how unmotivated I was to get back into my routine and regular schedule. The thought of doing anything for the first few days after coming home was painful and so, I decided to do small things, prioritizing the most important tasks and leaving the bigger ones for another time.

It might not be that anything in your life is really that bad, it’s just that after having such a great time away, regular life feels super dull, boring and perhaps uninspiring. Taking time away can help you to understand what might need to change in your life. On the plus side, feeling depressed after a vacation is actually a sign that you had a really great vacation! Here are some reasons why you may be dragging your feet after coming home from a vacation:

You had a top-tier vacation that exceeded your expectations.

When this happens on vacation, not much else can beat it so, it’s no wonder why you think your life sucks after having such fun, wonderful or romantic experiences while being away. This is a sign that you might need more balance in your regular life. The solution is to allow yourself to enjoy the things that you like more often rather than denying yourself of them. Doing everything in moderation is the key to success.

You didn’t realize how stressed out you were before you left.

Spending time away from it all gave you a chance to realize that things have been off balance. Maybe they’ve been that way for a while but you’ve gotten used to it and the stress you experienced on a daily basis became the new normal. Now that you’ve had time to decompress, you’re seeing the signs that certain situations are bigger and more impactful than you thought. This is a sign that you aren’t in touch with yourself enough and that you allow stress to build up as a result. The solution is to make time each day for a self check-in to reflect upon how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking about so that you can identify and deal with stress when it arises in healthy ways.

You aren’t having enough fun in life.

When you finally had a chance to let loose and be away from your responsibilities, you realized how much fun you were having. This is a sign that your normal responsibilities are wearing you out. Part of being an adult is taking care of your responsibilities but also realizing that you’re not a slave to anything in life unless you’re in agreement to it in some way, shape or form. The solution is to find ways to incorporate more fun and flexibility into your regular schedule.

Finding ways to escape from life.

Since returning from vacation, are you seriously considering moving to your favorite vacation place? If you’re someone who has the time, money, flexibility and freedom to make this happen, then go for it! But for most, it’s really just escapism hiding underneath romanticism. Perhaps you had a brief sense of belonging with the other vacationers that you met on your travels or thought that you deeply identified with the way of living at the place you visited.

Thinking that if you were to live permanently at your favorite vacay spot would solve all your problems is a sign that you’re avoiding dealing with certain challenges in life. This could also be a sign that you’re overwhelmed, living in fear or that you don’t feel like you fit in anywhere at home. The problem with escapism is that wherever you go, you take yourself with you and so, trying to outrun problems or a personal situation likely won’t help. The solution is to start dealing with what’s bothering you and to make peace with it.

To help solve any of these problems, working with a professional therapist can help. Sometimes, life coaching is the answer for those who are willing to take action towards making important changes in life but who might not know where to start. Working with a coach or a therapist is a great way to let go of the past and to feel empowered again in life. Book a consultation with me today to learn more.

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