About Me


My name is Colleen and I’m a trained, professional psychic intuitive reader, energy healer and spiritual life coach. Since childhood, I’ve had special gifts that I wasn’t able to truly understand and tap into until my adult years. I’ve trained with several highly regarded and renowned psychic teachers to develop my own psychic and trance mediumship skills and knowledge that I use to help you through my readings and coaching. 

Specializing in trance mediumship, my gifts allow me to channel helpful, loving messages and healing energy from Spirit to those who seek my services. As a trance medium, I channel the high vibrational guides who work closely with me and share their words of wisdom, kindness and clarity through my readings with clients. My gifts also allow me to conduct many of my readings and healing sessions remotely with the same amount of accuracy as being in person or over video. To view the types of readings and healing sessions I offer, click here. Distance readings are also available at the shop

Through spiritual life coaching, my goal is to help spiritually minded women who truly want to improve their personal lives by providing non-judgemental, clear guidance on their journeys towards awakening, spiritual and intuitive development. I’ll show you how to take your journey to the next level by providing coaching and support while you work towards your goals and develop your spirituality and intuition.

I also help psychic, intuitive women who have spiritual practices to maintain their own energetic and spiritual wellbeing.  

My coaching sessions are held online via Zoom video, allowing you to receive one on one support and guidance from the comfort of your own home – wherever you are in the world! Book a session or a consultation here.

As an author, I’ve published several spiritual books including the Whispers from Within Oracle Cards, How to Program and Work With Your Pendulum, Sleep Solutions for Anxious, Sensitive or Intuitive People in addition to the multitude of articles published on my blog.

I am also the owner of Moonstone Salts & Spiritual, a wellness brand that promotes spirituality and healing. Visit my metaphysical shop here or on Etsy to shop hundreds of crystals, divination tools, intuitive readings, eBooks and more.

Connect with me on Instagram and TikTok @moonstonesalts.


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