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My name is Colleen Smith and I am a Professional Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healer. My purpose is to help women who truly want to improve their personal lives by providing non-judgemental, clear guidance through coaching, energy healing and intuitive services. Let me help you take your life to the next level by providing coaching, guidance and support while you work towards your goals. My coaching sessions are held online via Zoom video, allowing you to receive one on one support and guidance from the comfort of your own home – wherever you are in the world!

How can I help you to start living your best life?

By taking a practical and holistic approach with my life coaching clients, my goal is to help you to move past any blocks in your life that have been holding you back. It has been my experience that energetic blocks (caused mostly by negative thought patterns and belief systems) are the main reason why people get stuck in life. In my coaching programs, my goal is help you re-align with who you truly are by diving deep to release old paradigms and beliefs that no longer serve you.

By doing the work to change any negative beliefs and thought patterns, you’re actually re-writing your life into something better! When you work to improve yourself, you will notice your whole life shifting over time. My clients who put the work into healing themselves at the core experience an improvement in their outlook, relationships, work, health and wealth. This has a positive domino effect as you inadvertently set an example for others who may also become encouraged to do the work to heal themselves. I truly believe that if we can first heal ourselves, we can help to heal the planet. It all starts with you.

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How can I help you to heal your life?

Did you know that your thoughts and beliefs are what affect and influence the direction of your life more than anything else? The quality of your thoughts oftentimes determines your vibrational levels. The energy we keep greatly impacts and influences the situations and outcomes we experience in life. The goal is to identify and change any limiting beliefs you may have about yourself or your life in order to help raise your vibration. In doing so, you’ll attract better people, situations and outcomes into your life. In my coaching sessions, I will teach you how you can identify and change any limiting beliefs and to raise your vibration in order to create positive changes into your life.

Through my energy healing services, I will help you to discover and remove the energetic blocks that are getting in the way of your life and your success. I use a combination of Reiki healing along with other energy healing modalities to create a unique experience that oftentimes leads to big and powerful results. My energy healing services are offered as live, video sessions and as powerful and effective distance healing sessions.

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My Journey

I started my coaching journey in 2019 after deciding to leave the corporate world in order to become more in alignment to my true self. Through my own personal experiences, I am passionate about helping others to overcome their own limitations, including any beliefs you hold about yourself that stop you from achieving your goals.

I’ve studied and worked with the law of attraction since 2011, around the time when I began my own spiritual awakening phase. Since then, I’ve created the life that I want to live through my manifestations and loads of self-improvement and continuous learning. It wasn’t easy as I had many challenges to overcome, most of them being in my own mind. I realized that few beliefs that I held were not even my own and yet, they were holding me back. Changing the limiting beliefs that were taught to me by my caretakers, school and society was some of the best, most rewarding self-work I’ve ever put into my own personal growth.

You see, everything in your life is made up of energy. This includes the situations and people you attract into your life. If you’re vibrating at a lower level, you’re likely not living the life that you want or had hoped for. Through working together to help identify and change your limiting thoughts and beliefs, you can raise your level of vibration which will allow you to manifest more of what you want into your life. How exciting is that?!

Energy is responsible for the experiences we have as what shows up in life tends to mirrors how you’re feeling. Before I knew that my energy was responsible for the life I was living, I often found myself feeling out of control and stuck in a rut. As I was in a low vibration, my outside world mirrored that back to me by attracting negative people and situations into my life. Like attracts like and over time, it created a vicious cycle that felt almost impossible to get out of.

It turns out that my own spiritual awakening kick-started many life changes as I began questioning everything I was conditioned to think and believe about life. I was guided to learn about the Law of Attraction which teaches how our thoughts and beliefs dictate our behaviors and how they are ultimately responsible for the results we experience in life. Once I started to understand the why behind certain thoughts and feelings I was experiencing, it gave me the freedom to change. As we are all made up of energy, learning how to maintain a higher vibrational level is the key to sustaining  a happier, healthier life.

As people tend to do, I also blamed my unhappy life situations on society and my upbringing. It wasn’t until I realized the problem was me and my thoughts when things began to change. Trust me, changing the beliefs and thought patterns that I was conditioned to have growing up didn’t come easy, nor did it happen overnight.

I finally found the courage to break free from the traditional paradigm and mentality that I was conditioned into believing and instead, I allowed myself to become aligned to my authentic self and my true purpose. The result was that my vibration started to lift up higher and higher, helping me create better situations in my life. I started to feel better and as a result, my relationships started to improve with those around me, including my loved ones, and I began attracting more of what I wanted into my life. When you’re vibrating at a high frequency, you attract more of the same to you! As the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place, I knew it was my mission to share what I have learned with others so they too can discover their own uniqueness and begin fulfilling their greater purposes.

I decided to make the necessary financial sacrifices needed in order to invest in my own self improvement. I started working with my own coaches who helped to guide me along the way! In doing so, the decision to commit to my healing and self-improvement journey turned out to be much more valuable and life-changing than any purse or pair of shoes ever would have provided. You see, when I learned how to improve my life through changing my thoughts, beliefs and habits, I was able to attract more abundance into my life in all aspects (not just financial). In becoming a better version of myself and by living my truth, I was also able to overcome minor health issues that were interfering with my day to day life. Your health is ultimately your wealth, and this includes your mental health!

As I transformed my own life, it inspired me to coach and teach others how they too can transform their lives and to start living their purpose. In my coaching work, I shine a light onto my client’s lives by teaching them how to change the paradigms that are keeping them stuck in life, how to tap into their own inner guidance system, inner wisdom and provide support to help them meet their goals.

I believe that we are all capable of healing ourselves and that we have the power to energetically re-write our own history and futures for ourselves. My goal is for my clients to leave our sessions feeling uplifted, hopeful, empowered, heard and understood. It’s my mission to inspire others to follow their own authentic paths in life, to release blocks and to help them along the way to meet their goals.

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My Mission

Sometimes all we need is a different perspective from someone who gets it and who can provide some guidance and clarity, allowing and empowering us to make our own decisions. It’s my mission to be that person for you. Using my own personal life experiences, it’s my goal to inspire individuals who are interested in making lasting positive changes in their own lives. Taking a practical, non-judgemental approach, I focus on helping my clients to improve specific areas of their lives.

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Colleen Smith,
Professional Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healer

Aside from my passion for coaching, I am also a gifted psychic empath, intuitive energy healer and Reiki Master. I am the author of the Whispers from Within Oracle Cards, and owner of Moonstone Salts & Spiritual, a wellness brand that promotes spirituality and healing based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Connect with me on Instagram and TikTok @colleenscoaching and @moonstonesalts.

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