The Spiritual Meaning of Cracks

Seeing one random crack may not hold much significance for many; however, if suddenly seeing a crack in something you own feels very unusual for you or is happening over and over again in a short period of time, this article can help you make sense of what’s going on. Everything is energy and much of the energy in our lives that we’re engaged in is oftentimes reflected back to us by others and also, our experience in life and the world. I love looking for patterns in life experiences as this helps me to get a more in-depth understand of what’s going on in an energetic sense and how one may go about changing or healing it (if that’s what they want to do).

When I think of random cracks, what comes to mind is that the foundation of something is breaking apart. It’s time to rebuild or restore what was originally created. The weight of what you built or created is now too heavy for the original foundation it sits upon. So, this indicates that a new foundation is needed or, the restructuring of the original one so that it may accommodate what it is now supporting.

Cracks allow things to get in and out. This could be seen as good or bad, depending on how you look at it. For example, a crack in a object that holds water will eventually cause the water to leak out. This would probably not be great as there would be a lot of water to lose and also, to clean up. But when thinking in terms of spirituality, a crack may be seen as a way to allow energy to get in or out. It’s oftentimes believed that when you have a ‘crack’ in your auric field, that it allows low vibrational energies to get in more easily. Cracks indicate that something has grown weak or weary and that maintenance is needed. Perhaps you overlooked the important maintenance that was needed in some area of your life and the crack is now reflective of it. Usually, we have it in the back of our heads to take care of something important and we decide whether or not to act upon it. We always make the decision whether or not to let things go and to deal with whatever consequences arise as a result.

I purchased a new phone about a year ago. I purchased a really good case for it, and a screen protector to install on it as well. I don’t usually use screen protectors but this time I thought I should try it. The screen protector sat in the box, unused. I kept seeing in each day and thought that I should take the time to install it but kept telling myself that I’ll do it later. I knew that I was risking damage to the glass and I was also consciously aware that I was making the decision to put the task off. Despite my best efforts to prevent breakage from occurring, the screen got scratched and eventually cracked. After the crack started to form, I finally took the time to install the screen protector, even though it was too late. Now, it’s all about damage control going forward until I decide to purchase another phone. In all fairness, I was putting off taking care of several important tasks for a long time. Things that if I had put the time and effort into incrementally, that it would save me trouble down the line.

Sometimes, it’s not about the physical damage that’s occurred but the energy behind it as it relates to other things in life. What sorts of things are you putting off handling in your life? Maybe you’ve focused so much of your energy on building but neglected the foundation in the process. Sometimes, it’s worth the effort to go back and make adjustments to the foundation as needed so that it can accommodate what you’re building and creating. Otherwise, everything could eventually fall apart. it’s about maintenance and taking care of things when you get the nagging feeling to do so.

Some potential meanings when cracks show up:

  • The foundation you built is no longer able to support what you’ve created and restructuring or maintenance is needed.
  • You’ve been holding too many things inside that need to be released. Pressure has built up and had nowhere to go and so, cracks have formed as a result.
  • Alternatively, you haven’t been able to let anything or anyone into your space, or allowed others to get to know you on a deeper level. Cracks have formed in order to help you let new energy in.
  • You’re being guided to evaluate any weaknesses in the things that are the most important to you so that you may mend them before they fall apart. This could be your job, your relationship, your business or anything else that you’re focused on. Consider what you may have lost your integrity with recently.

The meaning behind cracks will be different for everyone and so, when they do show up, I suggest reflecting upon what’s currently happening in your life in order to gain a better understanding of it’s meaning for you personally. Having this type of self-awareness will also allow you to realize where changes need to be made or what action you need to take next in life. Lastly, as this IS a spiritual based post, I recommend connecting with your higher-self in order to gain any additional insight as to what seeing a specific crack may mean for you. Be open to what you may learn.

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