Remote Energy Healing: What it is and why it works

Do you have recurring problems in your life that you can’t seem to fix? You might not understand why you keep having the same problems. It may feel like no matter how hard you try to fix this area of your life, you just can’t seem to do it! People who have low vibrational energies attached to them tend to feel helpless and hopeless to the events in their lives. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way and you can achieve freedom by simply lifting your vibration.

When things are going wrong in certain areas of life, it could mean that you’re carrying energy that isn’t yours. When recurring problems happen to us, it’s an indication that there could be negative, low vibrational energy that is disrupting the flow of events in your life. This can create a block in your life and can manifest as recurring loss, financial difficulties, health problems, relationship failures or general bad luck.

In the in-depth, distance healing and soul realignment reading I offer, I’ll identify and clear the energy blockages that may be adversely affecting the results you’re getting in life. I will scan your energy for problems in your energy field, identify what the problem is, where it came from and how to heal. I will also perform a clearing ritual to banish and release any lower vibrational energies that may be attached to you, while encasing you in healing light.

This specific Energy Clearing is a unique healing modality that I’ve personally created and is exclusive to Moonstone Salts & Spiritual. Additionally, there are no cards are used for this type of reading. This type of remote healing service has proven to be just as effective as in person due to the nature of quantum energy. With your permission, when I think of you, spirit is connecting me to your energy and the guides assist me throughout the process. Whether you work with me or someone else, find a healer who has a good reputation, is professional and who has integrity. Professionals will never contact you with a message from your ancestors or approach you claiming that you’ve been cursed and the only way to remove it is by paying them. Always use your best judgement when choosing a healing professional or other type of intuitive, psychic worker. Reading reviews from others is another good way to know if what you’re getting is legitimate or not. I’ve personally done hundreds of readings on Etsy with over 1000 five star reviews.

Sometimes, we need a hand from an outside source to clear the blocks that we cannot see for ourselves. Seeking healing from professionals is helpful as they are able to offer different perspectives that we haven’t been able to access ourselves. If you’ve tried clearing these problems yourself without any luck, this type of service might be for you.

This reading offers an extensive, detailed report on the findings in your energy field. As a healer, I am unable to resolve all of your issues for you as some things are meant for you to heal on your own. In that case, spirit will help to move things out of the way while providing suggestions on what you must change in your life in order for healing to occur more fully and completely. We are all responsible for ourselves and work is still required on our part in order to fully clear blocks we have in life.

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