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Live Video Services:

Spiritual Life Coaching and Spiritual Awakening Mentoring via Zoom video:

You may think you’re going crazy with all the sudden changes in your awareness, but I assure you – you aren’t! Many people are experiencing what is often called a “spiritual awakening“, which is basically their higher consciousness coming online in this reality. How exciting!

As someone who has been experiencing an awakening process since 2011, I can certainly say it’s been a wild ride full of discovery, confusion and empowerment. Awakenings can feel extremely lonely, challenging and as though your whole world is turning upside down. Although it may feel like your life as you know it is ending, trust me when I say that it’s all purposed for you to level up and to become a much better, more enhanced version of yourself. This is your opportunity to step into the life and the purpose that you are here to live. Sometimes all we need is a little support and to know that we aren’t going through this alone. I’m excited to offer all of my experiences, learnings and knowledge that I’ve gained to you so that you can step into your purpose feeling more confident and supported.

Through coaching, I help you to discover any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from living your best life. This includes any limiting thoughts that may be impacting your ascension or awakening process or ones that are keeping you stuck. Focused on spirituality and holistic ideals, we work towards healing any past hurts, improving or changing your present life situations and create new goals to help shape your future. We also focus on intuitive development. The path forward to overcoming and changing limiting beliefs is unique for everyone. As a result, sessions will be different for everyone and are tailored to suit your needs for each individual session held together.

If you’re looking to improve your life but you don’t know how or where to start, if you need some guidance and direction on your new found intuitive awareness or if you’re just looking for some understanding in your awakening process, I can help. As we work together, I will help you set and meet your goals that will help you level up in life. Book your 30 minute consultation with me today to learn how I can help you to achieve your goals to change your life for the better. You can learn more about me and why I do this work here

Time Zone Location:

Colleen Smith Coaching is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Appointments are available worldwide. Appointment times on Zoom video are scheduled based on Mountain Standard Time (MST).


Sessions and Package Available (Prices in USD):

*Video consultations are required prior to session/package bookings. Note that I am focused on coaching women only at this time. Sessions are approximately 60-70 minutes long. 

    • 3 Session Package: $265
    • 5 Session Package: $405
    • Single Session:    $95

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Other Distance Readings and Healings Available

Akashic Record Reading

This distance reading is an excellent way to dive deeper into your Akashic Records. Ask up to 5 questions about your life and receive a professionally written, channelled reading tailored to you. To order this service or to learn more, visit my shop.

Starseed Origin Reading

This short, distance reading is an excellent way to discover your Starseed origin. Simply provide your name and receive a professionally written, channelled reading tailored to you. To order this service or to learn more, visit my shop.

Channelled Message Reading

This distance reading is an excellent way to tap into your Akashic Records. In this reading, I channel messages that the angels or spirit guides have for you at this time in your life. You will receive a professionally written, channelled reading tailored to you based on your situation or inquiry. To order this service or to learn more, visit my shop.

Energy Healing and Soul Realignment

This in-depth, distance healing session is targeted at discovering and clearing away negative or low vibrational energies (or entities) that may be impacting your life or soul path. This in-depth healing is excellent for those who experience recurring problems, blocks or problems in their lives. Some examples might be always attracting unhealthy relationships or toxic partners, never being able to make enough money or hold a job, long-term depression that has no specific source, insomnia, feeling accident-prone or having the same recurring health issues (this is not a service to diagnose health issues, but to help heal any energy that may be behind them). This is a unique healing modality developed by me, Colleen, and is exclusive to Moonstone Salts & Spiritual.

In this session, I will scan your energy field to discover blocks, energy attachments (low vibe spirit, entity, ET), hexes or curses, karmic contracts, cords, soul bindings, rituals, past life karma or other energetic cause of your problem and clear them on your behalf. This service also includes a full soul clearing and karmic realignment (in-depth service only). You will receive a professionally written, in-depth report detailing my findings based on your situation or problem which includes guidance and recommendations for moving forward. To order this service or to learn more, visit my shop.


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