Plants to Boost Feel Good Vibes at Home

Plants, plants, plants, plants, plants, plants. If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to increase good vibrations in your home, plants are the way to go! Plants are awesome because they provide more oxygen into your space, they help to purify the air quality in your home, plus they work well as eye-catching decor.

When I first started adding plants to my home, I had no idea what I was doing and my plants would always end up dying no matter how hard I tried to nurture them. But then I learned that there are plants that are really hard to kill, even for someone like me who didn’t think I had much of a greenthumb. I kept trying different plants and finally started having some success – they didn’t die! Now I have a collection of about 10 plants around my home that seem to thrive, not to mention they are very easy to take care of.

One of my favorite plants in my collection is the African Violet that I received when my grandmother passed away. Her name was Violet so my uncle bought mini African Violets for all the family members to honor her at her celebration of life. It’s a pretty little plant with blooms of deep purple and yellow flowers, which just so happens to be one of my favorite colour combinations. I brought the plant home and it sat on the ledge of my kitchen sink for months. I knew I had to re-pot it but couldn’t find the time or motivation to do it, so in the meantime, I would water it whenever I remembered. At times, I didn’t water it for weeks and to my surprise, it didn’t seem to mind at all. I finally repotted it and it tripled in size in about 6 months (with a little more care and attention). I swear to this day, that little plant has the spirit of my grandmother alive in it. Each time I look at that plant, especially when it blooms, it reminds me of her. I learned that spirits of past loved ones and high vibrational energetic beings of other dimensions and realms can definitely “speak” to us through the plants we keep.

There is just something so magical and refreshing about the energy of plants in a home, especially the ones that have blooming flowers. In fact, plants are a really great way to bring in some great energy into your home. Plants make people happy. Studies have show that indoor plants:

  • Boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity.
  • Reduce stress, fatigue and may even help to prevent illness.
  • Clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing more oxygen.
  • Add more life and good vibes to your space.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, keeping certain plants in your bedroom is an excellent way to clear out any negativity or bad vibes that you may have carried with you all day which can improve the quality of your sleep.

Below are some of the best plants that I recommend for greenthumbs and non-greenthumbs alike to help raise the vibes in your home. These plants do well in most types of homes (provided you have some sunlight coming in), don’t require special treatment and are ok to be put on the same weekly watering schedule.


lucky bamboo

Also known as Lucky Bamboo. This plant is easy to keep and grow, plus it keeps the vibe in your space vibrant. It’s a quick growing, versatile tropical plant that grows well in any area of the home. The stem will keep growing even after it’s cut, reminding you to never give up. You can put them in any pretty vase to lighten up the decor of your home. Simply keep its roots submerged in water, being sure to change the water every few weeks.

Heart Leaf Philodendron 

This fun plant, with its heart shaped leaves, is one of the best plants for people who don’t know how to take care of plants. I love this plant because it grows multiple vines so be prepared to have somewhere for the vines to eventually go! heartleaf

It thrives in a range of lighting conditions, from low to sunny, preferring indirect light. It does well anywhere close to standard room temperature. Let the surface of the soil dry between watering; it should not be constantly wet.  I keep mine on my kitchen counter by a window that never gets direct sunlight and it seems to like it there. Definitely play around with it as it seems to adapt well to a variety of dull-lit areas in a home.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

This unique looking plant comes in a number of varieties and works well as hanging plants. You can also cut and re-pot the “spider” outcrops to make additional plants. This is an excellent plant to place in a bedroom to assist with sleep. This plant is non-toxic to animals and requires minimal care.

Water weekly, keeping the soil evenly moist and place in bright or medium lighting conditions. Room temperatures of 60 to 75 degrees are ideal.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

This easy-to-grow houseplant will grow into an 8-foot-tall tree for a major pop of greenery in a room. If you prefer a smaller plant, make your rubber tree into a shrub shape by pruning any long stems. The dark green leaves have an attractive shiny finish which is super visually appealing and that can help to open up your heart chakra.

Allow the surface of the soil to dry out in between watering. It thrives in lighting conditions from medium to bright, and a range of room temperatures between about 60 and 80 degrees.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Also known as “Mother in Law’s Tongue” (actually). This plant is so easy to care for. Its leaves grow upright and some varieties have yellow or white edges on its leaves. It has small, white flowers that will bloom once in a while that will inspire hope. This indoor plant grows well in a whole range of lighting conditions. The air should be somewhat dry, as should the soil. Any normal room temperature should suit it just fine.

Pothos Ivy

Pothos Ivy

This plant helps to rid the air of toxins such as formaldehyde, which is found in most low cost, imported furniture and even carpets (gross). It can produce stems that trail 8 feet or longer, so just cut them back when they get too long and your plant will continue to look full and healthy. This plant will do best in bright or medium lighting conditions.  Allow soil to dry somewhat between watering. Pothos does well in an array of normal room temperatures.

Dieffenbachia (Dumb Cane)


Last but not least, we have the ever-so-popular, Dieffenbachia plant. The leaves of this plant can grow up to a foot long, and provide a tropical-looking accent to home decor. Expect this plant to grow 6-feet high and for it to become the room’s focal point. This really is a miracle houseplant and it’s likely you’ll find over the years that it just won’t stop growing! The cool thing about this plant is you can cut off any stems that are growing out of control and re-pot them. To re-pot you must first place the stem in water and wait for roots to grow out of it (similar to bamboo) before you put it in new soil. This process can take upwards to a month or two. A reminder that you too can keep growing, even if you are facing changes.

This plant likes medium or low light and is happy on a once per week watering schedule, keeping the soil evenly moist. Dieffenbachia thrives in normal room temperature not colder than the mid-60s.

Consider yourself to be a little bit more of a house plant expert after reading this! I hope I inspired you to incorporate some of these plants at home or at your office to increase the flow of energy into your space. Follow me on Instagram @moonstonesalts or comment below to tell me what your favorite houseplants are. Wishing you the best!


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