How Oracle Cards Can Positively Change Your Life

How Working with Oracle Cards can Positively Change your Life

Written by Colleen Smith

You may know or have heard about tarot cards or the art of tarot, but what about Oracle Cards? If you’re new to the idea of integrating oracle cards into your routine, then I hope this post will give you more guidance and instruction on how you can use the oracle to improve your life.

Although some individuals may have been conditioned to associate certain divination practices such as tarot or oracle with being “dark”, “negative” or even “un-godly”, it is my belief that the oracle can be used to positively improve your life by expanding your awareness towards yourself. Fostering a greater sense of your true “self” within can lead you down the path towards self improvement, consciousness and a greater connection with Spirit. Holding good intentions is always the key towards fostering positive energy and results in life as everything is made up of energy and vibrations. The point in using the oracle is to help raise your vibration, aka the “good” energy which makes all things possible.

What’s the difference between tarot and oracle cards?

Tarot is generally used to read the future and gain a window of insight into the unknown of our 3D reality, and can come off quite harsh and misunderstood if read incorrectly. A good tarot reader will likely have been studying and using the cards for years in order to learn each card’s specific meaning, symbolism and card combinations. As tarot cards in a reading are largely up for interpretation based on the reader’s experience, knowledge and ability to translate the messages shown on the cards, it may sometimes not be in alignment with the true destiny of the querent (recipient) of the reading.

The oracle, on the other hand, may also be used to gain wisdom and insight into one’s life; however, as most oracle is very easy to interpret by the average reader, there is a higher chance of receiving more accurate guidance that’s in alignment to the reader’s true destiny. In fact, the oracle helps to align you with your true destiny based on the readers intuitive guidance system. A good deck of oracle cards should inspire inner wisdom, open up and teach the reader to trust their own intuitive guidance that comes from within. It’s all about connecting with your divine self. I personally prefer to use oracle cards as I find the messages are much more positive than what is found in tarot.

Tarot and oracle have many similarities, although it’s my belief that the oracle is a much more accurate tool to use in order to receive accurate messages from your own higher self and intuition that relate to the present moment. Rather than trying to predict the future, use the oracle to create your own future based on your own intuitive guidance that the cards direct your awareness towards. Oracle cards offer helpful bits of inner wisdom to help you along your journey.

How does the oracle work?

When you shuffle a deck of oracle cards, they immediately connect with your energy and the energy of your auric field. The energy includes your spirit guides and angels who are always by your side. As spirit guides and angels are always doing little things to get your attention so they can share special messages of love with you, they also use oracle cards as a way to connect. Oracle readers tend to notice that the cards they receive in a reading almost always match what is currently going on in their lives, the way they are feeling and the situations they are currently experiencing. The reason for this is that the cards are picking up on your energy and you are attracting messages, through the cards, that correspond to that energy. At times, the oracle may also bring your attention and awareness towards other areas of your life or situations that require your immediate thought or action.

A simple way to use the oracle cards in your daily life is to simply shuffle the deck while thinking of a situation in your life. You may even want to ask a question out loud such as “what guidance do I need for today?”. Then when you feel ready, stop shuffling and pick one or two cards from the deck. Some people (including myself) find that the cards jump out of the deck during shuffling, which are the cards meant for the reading. Trust the cards you receive are the ones you need for the day or for the situation.

What can you gain from working with the oracle?

If used correctly, the oracle is an excellent way to expand your awareness towards yourself and can help to further awaken consciousness. As the oracle cards work with your own intuitive guidance, using them is also a great way to develop and improve your intuition. Using them on a daily basis may also help to improve your outlook in life as most oracle decks only hold positive, uplifting guidance and messages to the reader. The better your outlook, the higher your vibration will be which in turn will attract more positive people and situations into your life. By using the oracle, you can create your own future by using the loving guidance provided by the cards for your current situation.

Oracle Card Deck

How do you get started?

Although there are hundreds of different oracle card decks available, I recommend getting one that has lots of positive imagery and that is easy to interpret. Picking a deck that you can easily understand is essential for both beginner level intuitive readers and for more experienced readers as well.

In 2019, I felt compelled to write and create my own deck of oracle cards called Whispers from Within Oracle Cards. One of the reasons I created these cards is that I wanted a deck that was quick and easy to use. Rather than using complicated imagery and symbolism that can be difficult to interpret and understand, I decided to add straight forward messages to each of the cards that deliver clear and accurate guidance to the reader. The cards deliver simple, quick, loving messages that fit any of life’s situations. The deck includes an accompanying guidebook that gives more detail in each card’s meaning and message, plus it teaches you in detail how to use the cards.

The Whispers from Within Oracle Cards are dreamy to look at with their pastel imagery, and each one has an uplifting, positive message for the reader. This deck is perfect for all levels of readers, including beginners. You can find my self-published, oracle creation at my Etsy Shop.

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