Distance Quantum Energy Healing and Soul Realignment (Mini Reading): Remove Negative Energy and Life Blocks

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Brand: Moonstone Salts & Spiritual

In-Depth, Distance Mini Energy Clearing and Soul Realignment Session

Find and Remove Life Blocks

⭐ About the Session/Reading:

This session is for a mini energy investigation, clearing and healing, 3 business day delivery. A modification to the In-Depth healing session that I offer, where I will do a partial energy clearing with partial notes. As this is a mini-clearing only, the complete "Soul Clearing" ritual is not included in this healing. This ritual is only part of the the full, in-depth healing session I offer. Please read through to understand what this type of session is.

Do you have recurring problems in your life that you can't seem to fix? You might not understand why you keep having the same problems. It may feel like no matter how hard you try to fix this area of your life, you just can't seem to do it! People who have low vibrational energies attached to them tend to feel helpless and hopeless to the events in their lives. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way and you can achieve freedom by simply lifting your vibration.
When things are going wrong in certain areas of life, it could mean that you're carrying energy that isn't yours. When recurring problems happen to us, it's an indication that there could be negative, low vibrational energy that is disrupting the flow of events in your life. This can create a block in your life and can manifest as recurring loss, financial difficulties, health problems, relationship failures or general bad luck.
In this mini distance reading, I will scan your energy for problems in your energy field, identify what the problem is, where it came from and the healing required. This specific Energy Clearing is a unique healing modality that I've personally created and is exclusive to Moonstone Salts & Spiritual. Additionally, there are no cards are used for this type of reading.
*****Please only request this service for yourself and not on behalf of someone else unless they've given their permission to do so. As this is a distance reading, I trust my clients to respect my integrity and to be honest with me in the information they provide in the "personalization" section. Unfortunately, I will not do readings or healings on behalf of others without their permission.

⭐ What's Included:

- One written PDF report with the results of your reading, delivered via email.

⭐ How to get the best reading:
1. You must be over 18 to order this service.
2. Choose one area of your life or one recurring problem for me to focus on please.
3. Describe what's going on in in this part of your life and why you think you have an energy block here. (This could mean having recurring bad luck in a specific area of your life, feeling like you are cursed, a health problem that arose suddenly with no real origin, etc).
Note: This reading deals with one problem at a time. Additional problems can be cleared in additional readings or sessions.
⭐ Turnaround Time:
Allow up to 3 business days for your reading to be completed (excluding weekends and holidays). 24 hour turnaround time readings are also available and can be found at the following link via my Etsy shop:

***Be sure to check your email's spam/junk mail folder if you have not received your reading. Look for an email from moonstonesalts @**

⭐ How to Order:

1. In the text area, please provide me with one area of life or problem you wish to work on (see notes above), your name, your current age and your email.

2. Purchase your reading (remember to provide the email you would like your reading sent to).

3. You will receive your reading within 3 business days.

**If you prefer to purchase this reading via Etsy instead, please visit my shop at


⭐ About me:

I am a professional intuitive reader, energy healer and spiritual channel. I am also a Professional Spiritual Life Coach. In 2019, I self-published my own deck of Oracle Cards, the Whispers from Within Oracle, which is a channelled work. See the listing in my shop to view or to purchase. I am also the owner of Moonstone Salts & Spiritual
⭐To book a FREE coaching consultation with me, visit
(Consultations are intended only for those who are interested in starting a professional coaching relationship with me. Serious inquiries only please. Note that this is not a free advice or free coaching session.)


⭐ Legal & Disclaimer:

*Your privacy is important to me and your information will not be shared.
**This service is for entertainment purposes only, for adults 18 & up. Not to be used in place of medical, financial, psychological or legal advice. 100% accuracy is not guaranteed. Readings are done based on the information provided by the customer.
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⭐Return & Exchange Policy:
Cancellations, returns and exchanges are not accepted on this item.
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