Akashic Record Reading: In Depth, Personal Soul Profile Reading

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Distance In-Depth Akashic Record and Soul Profile Reading

⭐ About the Session/Reading:

This is for an in-depth, written, channelled in-depth Akashic Record Soul Profile Reading. Allow up to 3 business days for your reading to be completed (excluding weekends and holidays).
Are you curious about your life or soul's journey? Whether you're at an impasse, stuck, confused or just need some direction, the Akashic Records can help! Uncover hidden aspects of your life and soul journey or get help in understanding what to do next in a situation in your current lifetime.
This type of reading is great if you have questions about your present lifetime and why you're here. The Records can help you to understand many things including why you chose this life, what your purpose is, how you can heal and can even offer you guidance and direction for the next best steps to take in your life.
⭐What's included in this reading:
✓ Your current life number to help you better understand your immediate stage in life.
✓ Your main life purpose(s).
✓ Your main spiritual purpose(s).
✓ Your life's mission and any challenges that you've come to work on.
✓ Past life hang-ups (if any).
✓ How many guides and angels you have with you.
✓ Your spirit animal.
✓ Your strongest intuitive gifts and how to work with them.
✓ Learn which chakras are out of alignment plus, guidance on how to rebalance them.
✓ A short, written message that you need to know today about your life, channeled from your high vibrational guides and angels. This is based on a question or life area you provide to me.
This reading does not focus on future forecasting, but it can help you to better understand your life and how you can move into alignment with your true purpose.
This reading is not based on Astrology. I am an intuitive channel and I record the info I receive from the guides in your reading by writing it down. I am not a medical psychic and I do not offer diagnoses on physical ailments.
⭐ If you're interested in exploring your starseed origins, please see my Starseed Origins reading available.
*****Please only request this service for yourself and not on behalf of someone else unless they've given their permission to do so. As this is a distance reading, I trust my clients to respect my integrity and to be honest with me in the information they provide in the "personalization" section. Unfortunately, I will not do readings or healings on behalf of others without their knowledge or permission.

⭐ What's Included:

- One written PDF report with the results of your reading, delivered via email.

⭐ How to get the best reading:
You must be over 18 to receive a reading. This is for spiritual entertainment purposes only and is not intended to replace professional medical, legal, financial or psychological advice.
I am a human being and therefore, 100% accuracy is NOT guaranteed.
Only ask questions about yourself and your life. I do not accept reading requests on behalf of another person who you may know unless they have granted their permission to do so. Please respect my integrity.
For liability purposes, I do not accept questions asking for medical or psychological diagnoses. Alternatively, you may ask to know what the spiritual meaning is associated to your ailment. Please see your medical professional.
Remain open to what you may learn about yourself.
⭐ Turnaround Time:

Allow up to 3 business days for your reading to be completed (excluding weekends and holidays).

***Be sure to check your email's spam/junk mail folder if you have not received your reading. Look for an email from moonstonesalts @**

⭐ How to Order:

1. In the text area, please provide me with your full current name, one question you'd like to ask the records or area of life to receive guidance in for the channeled message (Use a "How, What, Why" format for the question) and your email.

2. Purchase your reading (remember to provide the email you would like your reading sent to).

3. You will receive your reading within 3 business days.

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⭐ About me:

I am a professional intuitive reader, energy healer and spiritual channel. I am also a Professional Spiritual Life Coach. In 2019, I self-published my own deck of Oracle Cards, the Whispers from Within Oracle, which is a channelled work. See the listing in my shop to view or to purchase. I am also the owner of Moonstone Salts & Spiritual
⭐To book a FREE coaching consultation with me, visit
(Consultations are intended only for those who are interested in starting a professional coaching relationship with me. Serious inquiries only please. Note that this is not a free advice or free coaching session.)


⭐ Legal & Disclaimer:

*Your privacy is important to me and your information will not be shared.
**This service is for entertainment purposes only, for adults 18 & up. Not to be used in place of medical, financial, psychological or legal advice. 100% accuracy is not guaranteed. Readings are done based on the information provided by the customer.
Copyright 2020 Moonstone Salts & Spiritual. All rights reserved.
⭐Return & Exchange Policy:
Cancellations, returns and exchanges are not accepted on this item.
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